Professional spray conditioner for dog and cat hair care. An indispensable tool for use at home and in grooming salons. Significantly facilitates the process of combing, and also helps to quickly untangle the fallen off wool (mats). The spray conditions the coat, makes it silky, smooth and shiny. It contains active ingredients, such as creatine and panthenol, which are necessary to maintain the skin and coat of the animal in excellent condition. The spray has a delicate aroma of roses. Method of application: In case of strong tangles - the animal should first be washed with shampoo and balsam, sprayed on a tangled coat, combed with a comb and blow dry.
With regular care - spray the spray at a distance of 20 cm on the dry coat of the animal, if there are tassels, moisten them with a spray, take them apart with your fingers, and comb them with a comb.
Country of origin - Italy.